Buzzwords from Satya Nadella’s keynote at #MSBuild 2022

What do words like GitHub Copilot, GitHub Codex, GitHub Codespaces, Microsoft Dev Box, AI Pair Programmer, Power BI, Power Apps, Project Volterra, and Hybrid Loop have in common? They were some of the big topics at the 2022 Microsoft Build held on May 24 and 25 of this year.

There were LOTS of things from the 3-day event that I need to sit down and read up on. Fortunately, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivered a keynote speech that gave us a bird’s eye view of what we can expect from the company in terms of helping developers use technology to build applications that address challenges of the world.

My word cloud

And so, today, I give you a word cloud that summarizes what MS Build 2022 was about. I created this graphic to make it easier for me to give weights (in terms of size of the word) to specific words that I personally think I should focus on as a developer. I know that everyone has a different take on what is and what is not important, but I do hope that this word cloud helps you mentally as it does me!

To understand further where these words came from, I give you a list of the ten technologies that “came together as a powerful platform to help you build what’s next.”

  1. Developer flow
  2. Cloud ubiquity
  3. App ubiquity
  4. Cloud-native
  5. Unified data
  6. Models as platforms
  7. Hybrid AI
  8. Low code/no-code
  9. Collaborative apps
  10. Metaverse

From these ten concepts, you get the context of where the word cloud came from. If you go back and watch (in YouTube) each of the talks on these technologies, you will find that the common theme is Artificial Intelligence helping developers to create better applications which help solve world issues and problems.

Words that I personally want to learn

Somewhere in the word cloud is “Codex“, which is the AI technology behind GitHub Copilot, and it’s one of my favorite subjects from the event. In addition, there are some words that I am very interested in, and that I need to do research on such as Power BI, Power Pages, Power Apps, Metaverse, and AI Pair Programmer.

What is your favorite word from the word cloud?


Buzzwords or not, there is one unifying message: AI and Azure services allow you to collaboratively “build, focus and scale” ubiquitous applications.

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