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About Coder Schmoder

Coder Schmoder is a blog site whose mission is to share tips and how-tos about .NET programming. Topics such as ASP.NET Core, Blazor, C#, Web API, MVC and general .NET programming will be discussed. I will also write subjective essays about .NET, Artificial Intelligence and other fun topics that is relevant to current events. I hope you enjoy my blog!

Coder Schmoder Name and Logo

While the logo looks like an S-shaped confetti, the top part actually represents the shape of “C” for “Coder” and the bottom part represents the shape “S” for “Schmoder”.

Coder Schmoder is, obviously, a two-part word. “Coder” represents my confident self. “Schmoder” represents that part of myself that is humorously self-deprecating; after all, I am constantly learning in this rapidly changing industry.

About Alejandrio Vasay

Hello, I’m a .NET/ Web Developer with a 15+ years of web and software development experience. I created this blog to impart my knowledge of programming to those who are interested in learning are just beginning in their programming journey.

I live in DFW, Texas and currently working as a .NET /Web Developer. I earned my Master of Computer Science degree from Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas.